Lauren Snow is a modern beauty expert who believes that true beauty starts from the inside and radiates out. She believes that beauty is defined by how comfortable a women feels in their own skin, by consistent self-care, by doing what makes someone feel authentically good, and by how someone sprinkles their loveliness around this world. 

Lauren has grown up in the beauty industry and has worked for some of the best beauty companies in the world. She's a proud graduate of Arizona State University, a licensed aesthetician, a mother of two adorable boys, and a small business owner. 

Her love and passion to help simplify skincare and makeup for women, inspired her to start Lauren Snow Beauty in 2012.  Her dream was to create a community and a place where all women feel welcomed and individual beauty is celebrated. A place where questions can asked, results can be achieved, and laughs can be shared.

A place where you leave feeling better than when you came. 

She loves meeting women and sharing makeup tips & tricks, explaining the benefits of good skincare and skin treatments. Lauren loves that beauty can empower and bring so many women together!